Saturday, 12 May 2012

Thing 2

I think my first blog my have sounded a bit harsh at times and critical compared to the other blogs that I have been reading from cpd23 people who all sound so upbeat and happy!  Therefore I will aim to be more open minded and optimistic from now on!

It was really interesting to read what other people do each day and what they want to get out of their career, it made me feel that I am working in a great profession.  What was apparent though was that everyone seemed a lot more natural at blogging than I do and liked to tell everyone about what they feel whereas I'm stilling getting over feeling uncomfortable.  I don't feel confident enough to comment on people's blogs yet but with time, who knows!!

Thing 1

So this is week one of 23 things for Professional development and I already feel uncomfortable with writing in this style!  I am new to blogging and have always dismissed it in the past as something for people who have too much time on their hands with very little to say that is interesting.  However after hearing so much about it recently,  I now feel that it is time to see for myself what blogging is like and if I have been wrong about it for the last few years.

The reason I have started CDP23 is because nowadays librarians are being told all the time from all areas, that social media is the future and that we all have to emerse ourselves in it to remain the professionals that we aready are.  I am very sceptical about this and also mildly annoyed as well but at the same time I can see the good that social media can have in promoting my profession to an extent.  I hope that CPD23 can help me to make up my mind on this question and even enlighten me.  I am looking forward to finding out more about my profession and learning how I can help my career to progress.

At the moment, I am completing my MA in library and information studies and will hopefully at some time in the future find myself a permanent library job but in this job market who knows!  I have so little idea as to the path my career will take or where I will end up and in some ways it's quiet exciting to just let life take you where it wants to but at the same time very scary.